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DIY Champagne Floats

Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day, Galentine's or Single Awareness Day it's fast approaching! I'm all about easy recipes and few ingredients when it comes to cooking, baking or creating cocktails! To celebrate whatever day you choose to, here's an easy DIY Champagne Float Cocktail that will wow your loved one or guests.


- 2-3 scoops your choice of Sorbet ( I used Raspberry/Lemon/Strawberry popsicles from Trader Joe's)

- 1 split of Rose' Champagne

- Raspberries to garnish


1. Place scoops of sorbet in wine or cocktail glass.

2. Pour Champagne over sorbet

3. Garnish with raspberries

4. Allow it to melt, whether you sip or eat it with a spoon

5. Sip & Enjoy!




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