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DIY Silverware

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Who doesn’t like to go to a party, and admire the pretty decorating?

These utensils are adorable and so easy to make! Make these fun Silverware for your next event, and throw some confetti up in the air while doing it!

The Goods

- Wooden Utensils

- Washi Tape

- Glitter (I got mine in the dollar section of target)

- Glue ( I used a craft glue stick, you can use also an adhesive glue)


Washi Tape Silverware

1. Cut your Washi tape paper into desired length

2. Choose what kind of style you want to place the tape - long ways or at an angle

3. Wrap around

3. Cut off excess

4. Enjoy!

Glitter Silverware

1. Apply layer of glue to the silverware

2. Sprinkle on the glitter

3. Let dry!

Have fun making these!



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