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It's OUR Year!

As we are still on the first week high of 2019...thought I'd continue on the inspiration train.

A few years ago...

I had some friends that always encouraged me and others to pick a word/phrase for the year and focus on that in all our goals we were making. This year my friend Jessica asked me if I wanted to do that with her and I of course said yes! I think it's helpful when looking at the future and what you want to accomplish and keeping things centered. I've been thinking for a few days what I wanted to to focus on (primarily) this year. There are so many options for words, phrases, quotes, music lyrics, you name it! So I've had a bit of a hard time trying to figure this one out but I nailed it down to this QUOTE.

It's a popular quote but it's something I struggled with this year when starting a business. You see others being successful and you want that just as much. You see it coming so easy (or maybe just what it appears to be) to others and you are working your ass off feeling like you're not getting anywhere.

I know in this industry

and in most industries that you are NOT the only one doing what you do. There are others, there will always be others, but instead of it breaking me down I must let it encourage me to work that much harder and to look at them as an inspiration. Social media makes this so difficult some days but must remember we are ALL here to support each other and we should always be doing that.

2019 is our year

So let's stop comparing and instead connect, collaborate, encourage each other and make magic happen!



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