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Near Year, New Goals

As we are fast approaching 2019, this is that time of the year that everyone, including myself, start thinking and setting new goals. Reminiscing about what the past year brought and what we would like to achieve in the new year.

When I look back on 2018, the best I could describe it was "year full of changes and transitions" There was heartache, sadness, but also hope, excitement and looking forward to the future. Pickard Creative was officially started and haven't looked back since.

Goal setting. Sounds intimidating. Sometimes feels unrealistic. There's the pessimists that think it's silly and why set goals we won't achieve? Well what I say to them is, it's better to have goals/dreams to strive for than to stay in the mundane and complacency. So...

Get that new Planner!

Make that List!

Set those Goals!

Don't be afraid to aim high!

Dream Big for 2019!

Happy New Year friends!



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