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Silver Roots Jewelry

I started Silver Roots Jewelry back in 2012. It began as an assignment for a college course. I still remember my professor at the time telling me "You know you can actually do this." I brushed it off but I knew eventually one day I'd love to start my own business. Fast forward 2 years and that dream became a reality.

Silver Roots Jewelry mission was to partner with artisans in Peru to support their trade and share their art with the world. We were able to partner with two amazing artisans that handmade all the jewelry that Silver Roots Jewelry sold.


Silver Roots Jewelry got it's name because we first started out selling exclusively handmade SILVER jewelry such as necklaces and earrings made with different silver and stones found in the Andes and jungles of Peru. And ROOTS because I was born in South American and it is a part of who I am, its my roots.

We later expanded our business to include jewelry made from hand dyed seeds from the Amazon jungle. Growing a business and product inventory is challenging but it is worth it to support other artists.



We were very blessed to have supportive and beautiful friends who would model our amazing jewelry and made every photoshoot and campaign launch a success.

It was through the campaign and product photoshoots that I realized that I loved styling and designing.



I'm thankful for my time working to build Silver Roots Jewelry. I am proud of what we were able to accomplish. With every big leap of faith comes growth and learning for your next ventures.

Cheers for what's to come in the future!



Photographer : Emily Rickard Photo

Hair & Makeup : Tiffany Murray

Styling : Pickard Creative

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